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    Please help me with the following question:

    Ethical behavior is an important part of a company's culture. Can you enhance it by using IT? Discuss.

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    Ethical behavior is an important aspect that a company is looking for in its employees. Aside from the technical skills, or job-related attributes, an employee must be able to behave ethically and show professionalism inside the company. The ethical behavior of its employees reflects the overall image and culture of the company. So it is important for companies to maintain the image by valuing ethical behavior of their employees. Employees, as well as the people from the upper management and administration, must follow the company rules, regulations and policies. Relationship between the company and its clients must be harmonious by always providing quality service and proper treatment to clients. All people within the company must perform their duties and job responsibilities during work hours, and prevent themselves from doing unnecessary or unrelated to the job. Transactions whether within the company or outside ...

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