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    Appropriate Power Protection

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    I need help writing a 350 word paper describing what steps need to be considered when choosing the appropriate power protection. What steps need to be taken to protect and organization from power surges and power failures.

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    Hello and welcome to Brainmass! I have outlined some guidelines for you to consider when choosing appropriate power protection for you system. At the bottom of the page are some helpful terms along with their definitions that will help give you a better understanding of the factors that determine your ultimate choice.

    Steps to consider when choosing the appropriate power protection

    What you need to know:
    What is UPS? UPS in an acronym for Unlimited Power Supply. It is primarily made up of a battery, an inverter, a charger, and a transfer switch. The UPS supplies continuous and undisturbed power to your critical load. It is connected between the electric grid and the consumer, comprising of electric hardware and rechargeable batteries. It provides emergency power to the load when the utility mains (the main source of power) fail.

    When the major power source fails, the UPS can protect your system from:
    ?Power failures
    ?Reduction in input voltage
    ?Power ...

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    This solution deals with appropriate power protection to protect an organization from power surges and power failures. It lists what power protection can do and how your organization can prevent events associated with this type of failure. Additionally, it provides guidelines for choosing the appropriate type of power protection for your organization.