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Using VBA in Excel, Open and Close an .XLS file and End Process

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Environment: Win2K, Work2000

Attached Word document has an OpenXL and a CloseXL VBA subroutine.

Open the Task Manager.
Click the OPENXL and notice (in the Task Manager) that the Excel process is created.
Click the CloseXL and notice(in the Task Manager) that the Excel process DOES NOT GO AWAY.

[Granted, if you close Word document, the process terminates, but I need to kill the process BEFORE closing Word (presumably using a slightly improved VBA subroutine).]

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Attached Word document (Word2000) appears to successfully open and close an Excel file. BUT the Excel process is still there. [The Excel process goes away after I close the Word document]

I may not be 'fully closing' Excel...I would not think I would have to execute any 'special code' to close the process, and assume my VBA code is 'nearly right' but not quite right.

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