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synchronization problem

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There is a one-way bridge that can hold up to three cars. Cars arrive at one end of the bridge and exit the bridge at the other end. Traffic is allowed only in the one, available, direction. Describe a solution to this synchronization problem that should include:

A)Definition of appropriate semaphores,
B)Description of the implementation of each of the primitive operations of each semaphore,
C)Semaphore initial values, and
D)Semaphore pseudo-code solution.

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A) There is one space semaphore to restrict the number of cars that can go to the bridge.

B). P operation, ---, For the space semaphore S, when a car comes to the entrance end, if S = 0, then the car has to be busy waiting. Once S is bigger than 0, then S ...

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Describe a solution to this synchronization problem.

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