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    assembly language program

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    I need help with completing the following specification for an assembly language program. This is a practice question. This is part of an overall assignment that I am stuck at.

    The program needs to check the current disk drive and report:

    ? The drive letter which would normally be assigned by DOS
    ? The amount of used space on the disk
    ? The amount of free space on the disk
    ? An indication that disk reorganisation is advised if the free space falls below 10% of the total available space.

    Any naming conventions for program labels, sub-programs, variable names etc can be used.

    Please could each line in the source code be documented with a remark explaining what it does so that I can understand it.

    I would like the program to include:

    ? Data transfer
    ? Arithmetic & logical operations
    ? Conditional and unconditional branching
    ? Immediate, direct and indexed memory addressing
    ? Sub-programs, macros and function calls
    ? The program once assembled should operate as a .COM file

    Thanx this will be a great help in trying to understand this.

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