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Scenarios for On-Line Auction Website

For the purposes of this assignment, consider www.ebay.com, the online auction web site. When you do the following problems, use eBay to provide context for your examples.

1) Choose 6 of the following quality attributes, and define at least one specific, detailed, and concrete scenario for each:

a) Availability
b) Modifiability
c) Performance
d) Security
e) Testability
f) Usability
g) Time-to-market
h) Cost-benefit
i) Projected system lifetime
j) Targeted market
k) Roll-out schedule
l) Integration with legacy systems
m) Conceptual integrity

2) Which of these were most difficult to specify in terms of a scenario (as defined by Bass et al)? Why?

**A quality attribute scenario is a quality-attribute-specific requirment. It consists of six parts.

1. Source of stimulus. This is some entity (a human, a computer system, or any other actuator) that generated the stimulus.

2. Stimulus. The stimulus is a condition that needs to be considered when it arrives at a system.

3. Environment. The stimulus occurs within certain conditions. The system may be in an overload condition or may be running when the stimulus occurs, or some other condition may be true.

4. Artifact. Some artifiact is stimulated. This maybe the whole system or some pieces of it.

5. Response. The response is the activity undertaken after the arrival of the stimulus.

6. Response measure. When the resonse occurs, it should be measurable in some fashion to that the requirment can be tested.

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