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The Internet: Clouds and Communication Interfaces

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1. We often hear about information in the "clouds." What does this mean? How has this concept changed the direction of the Internet?
2. List the benefits and drawbacks to combining voice, video, and data communications into one interface such as Skype.

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This solution explains the concepts of storing information in the 'cloud' in the information technology context and how this has changed the direction of the Internet. It also describes the benefits and drawbacks to combining video, voice, and data communications into one interface such Skype.

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The term "cloud" is used to refer to a number of infrastructure (e.g., hardware and machine configurations), software (e.g., applications), and system (e.g., Operating Systems) programs available to a user over Internet or private network. Clouds are quickly gaining popularity as a preferred way of computing and as an alternative to traditional counting due to the flexibility of choosing computing hardware, software and Operating Systems. Instead of ...

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