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Cellular authentication, eavesdropping, security

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1. In an analog cellular structure, what is needed to establish valid authentication?

2. What is a rogue base station?

3. What is snarfing and how does it work?

4. Is there such a thing as legal eavesdropping?

5. How does cellular authentication work? Briefly explain the process.

6. Describe GSM security goals and how does SMS meet those goals.

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1. In an analog cellular structure, what is needed to establish valid authentication?
Analog Cellular networks used CAVE based authentication. CAVE stands for Cellular Authentication and Voice Encryption. It required 2 shared keys-1) Authentication Key which is a 64 bit security key and 2) SSD-Shared Secret Data. This is a 128 bit secondary key. 2 types of challenges were required, a global challenge and a unique challenge.

2. What is a rogue base station?
A rogue base station is a base station that mimics a real base station. This type of attack can be found in cellular networks as well as WIFI networks. A rogue base station ...

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Cellcular authentication, eavesdropping and security is examined. A rogue base station is examined. The expert defines snarfing and determines how it works in the solution.

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