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    JavaScript code to find average

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    Write a JavaScript code to find average of numbers entered by the user. Ask the user to enter five number. Take each input one at a time. Save them into variables. Find the average and display the following grades: 'The grade is Fail' if the average is below 40, Pass if it's between 40 to 70, distinction if it's above 69, otherwise display an input error message.

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    Open the attached average.html file to see the working solution. The file contains the solution given below.


    <script type="text/javascript">

    var num1;
    var num2;
    var num3;
    var num4;
    var num5;

    var average =0;

    document.write("<br />");

    document.write("*** Average of Five Numbers ***");

    document.write("<br />");
    document.write("<br />");

    input = window.prompt('Please enter first number', ' ');
    num1 = ...

    Solution Summary

    A very simple and easy to understand javascript code to find average of input numbers. Window.prompt method is used to take five inputs from a user. The inputs are converted into float and the average is computed. The output grade is then displayed using if...else statement.