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HTML statistics submit form with confirmation

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Develop a form using JavaScript that collects client body statistics and customer contact information for record keeping and marketing purposes.

Contact Information fields:
1. Name
2. Address*
3. Phone number*
4. E-mail

Body statistics fields:
1. Age
2. Gender
3. Height
4. Weight
5. Waist*
6. Blood Pressure*
7. Medication currently being taken*

Create an HTML page with a form for clients to submit their contact information and body statistics.
Create another HTML page that acknowledges receipt of the client information. This page will read: "Thank you for providing the information needed".

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Please find attached the two web forms - Contact.htm and Confirmation.htm, with some basic JavaScript code as ...

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Solution contains two web forms - Contact.htm and Confirmation.htm, with some basic JavaScript code as per the given requirement. The web page contains two sections "Contact Info" and "Body Statistics" each with entry fields. Enter the data and press "Send" button. Validation will e performed at this point and if passed Confirmation page will appear.

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