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    Java solution to verify records are in alphabetical order

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    Dear OTA,

    I need a Java solution that can verify if records are in alphabetical order based on last name then first name. I need this solution in 2 classes:

    1. One with the main method that prompts the user for the input filename (merchants.txt). If the input file cannot be opened, the method should continue to reprompt the user for the correct filename, until the file can be opened. The file should be read, and the method should verify that the file is in ascending order. If it is not, an appropriate error message should be displayed, and the program should terminate. As the merchant records are read in, they should be displayed on the screen.

    2. The second class should be named "Merchant" and I want it to implement the predefined interface "Comparable". Its instance variables should include first name, last name, an integer number of orders completed, and a floating-point rating average. This class should contain the following methods:

    - A method "inputFile" that reads in a merchant record from a file. All the data fields should be separated by at least one space. The order of the fields is first name, last name, orders, and rating.

    - A method "displayOutput" that writes out a merchant record to the screen. The name should be output last name first, separating the last and first names with a comma.

    - A method "compare_To" that compares two merchant records. I just need the names compared. The last name is more significant than the first. The method should return a -1 if the 1st name is less than the 2nd, a 0 if they are equal, and a 1 if the 1st name is greater than the next name.

    - A method "equals_To" that compares two merchants. I just need the names compared as with the compare_To method.

    Lastly, close the file.

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