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    Local Loops in a Regional Phone Company

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    A regional telephone company has 10 million subscribers.  Each of their telephones is connected to a central office by a copper twisted pair. The average length of these twisted pairs is 10 km. How much is the copper in  the local loops worth?
    Assume that the cross section of each strand is a circle 1mm in diameter, the density of copper is  9.0 grams/cm^3 and that copper sells for 3 dollars per kilogram.

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    Number of subscribers of the regional telepbone company                                      
            = 10 million                                  
            = ...

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    This solution explains the problems of finding the cost of the local loops of a regional telephone company by using the density of copper. The solution is given in detail. This is mainly for solving the problem of transmission of data and that of receiving the data in computer science.