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Network Architecture

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What is the most popular network architecture and why?

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The most popular network architecture used today is the Ethernet. Ethernet is a preferred network architecture especially of local area networks (LAN) because of the following reasons:
- ...

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Research on issues and trends pertinent for the Network Architecture department. Present ideas for the updated IT division

Description and Challenge

Your instructor is tasked with developing an updated IT division in alignment with a business model for a large business reorganization. An old high school friend, James Zilack, Jr., has called your instructor, offering the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Zilack Corporation.

Zilack Corporation is a medium-sized manufacturing company that has just received a large sum of money from a venture capitalist. The venture capitalist and James Jr. are predicting 100 percent growth in one year. To achieve that growth, productivity will need to increase by a similar amount. This is where you come in. The IT division must be updated to assist Zilack's business model to plan for and predict future growth and profits.

This is a unique opportunity. James Jr. has taken over from his father, James Sr., CEO of Zilack for 37 years. The problem lies in Zilack's current IT division, which has been separate from the other Zilack divisions without connections. Zilack's business model and IT division are outdated and in need of new ideas and new employees to implement the ideas. James Sr. did not believe in delegating management responsibilities to others. "I am in charge of everything!" James Sr. would say. Furthermore, he has not been seeking and implementing new ideas nor has he paid much attention to issues facing his company or employees. The 100 percent growth projection has James Jr. concerned with these questions:

Network Architecture Department Plan (N) by [insert Networking Manager name].
Research on issues and trends pertinent for the Network Architecture department. Present ideas for the updated IT division that addresses these trends and issues for Zilack's business model in two of the following categories:

o Network.
o E-mail.
o Internal and external connectivity.
o Internal application and desktop support.
o Other: please specify.

The Network Architecture department must be focused on the networking technology required to support other organizational departments to assure the following:
? Acquires, selects, and keeps employees and customers.
? Creates value for its employees and customers.
? Goes to the market with promotion strategy and distribution strategy.
? Defines and differentiates its product offerings.
? Defines the tasks that the business will perform.
? Develops a sustainable presence with respect to the environment and society.
? Plans for its resources to capture profit.
? Adheres to an established organization code of ethics.

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