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Best practices for Web graphics

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Your Web design firm has just hired a talented graphic artist with years of expertise in print media and no experience with producing image production. You have to train this person in the best practices for Web graphics. Explain in detail at least five practices. What would you tell her?

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Now a day websites are much more than simple HTML and CSS. They include images, videos, illustrations, and other web graphics to enhance not only the look and feel but also to improve the overall quality of the website. Web graphics are an integral part of a website, and images on the website play an important role. When designing graphics for the web, one must consider different issues than when designing graphics for print [1]. These include:

1. Use web-safe colors
a. The colors that appear on the print might not appear same on the web page/monitor screens.
b. Always use web-safe colors such as ...

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The solution provides a 300 word answer to the question including three references. It highlights best practices to adopt when working with images for web. These best practices are standard industry norms when designing a professional website. The solution briefly describe 6-7 important such practices related to images.

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