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performance of a communincation protocol design

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Considiring the performance of a communincation protocol design, how might the number of messages have potentially the largerst impact as compared to the total amount of data? How can one improve such protocol when using reliable communincation?

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This job considers performance of a communincation protocol design.

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There are three things to consider in terms of whether the number of messages or the amount of data will have the largest impact on communications time.
<br>1)Behavior of the data - is it available all at once, in a steady stream, or erratically?
<br>2)Overhead of each message - how much does it cost to send?
<br>3)Reliability of the network: what is the chance of error?
<br>Ideally, we would have all of the data available immediately and would send it in one long message, resulting in minimal overhead. (Assuming, of course, that our communications ...

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