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Create a sample spreadsheet that depicts a household budget

You do not need to put in personal information or actual values if you do not wish, but you must include some data for each of the various categories and income and expense line items.

Content and Format Requirements
1. This spreadsheet should be divided into categories such as Income and Expenses. Within each of these categories there should be several line items. For example, under Expenses you might have items such as: Utilities, Auto, Rent/Mortgage, and so on.
2. For each line item, create a year's history by month. Identify each month by month and year such as "July 2005."
3. Create formulas or use the AutoSum function to calculate totals for line item categories and for each month.
4. Create Formulas or use the AutoSum function to have Excel compute the Total Annual Income and the Total Annual Expenses.
5. Name the worksheet tab "Budget Details."
6. On the second worksheet in the Excel workbook, include the Total Annual Expenses and Total Annual Income using cells from the Budget Details worksheet.
7. Create a formula to have Excel compute Annual Savings based on the values in those cells.
8. Include titles to identify all values.
9. Name the tab of the second worksheet "Annual Totals."
10. Save the worksheet.

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