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Destination Address & Data Field

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Given the first 20 bytes (in hexadecimal) of an Ethernet frame:

AA AA AA AA AA AA AA AB 01 23 45 67 89 AB CD EF 02 46 8A CE 01 0A 4B 8C
a) What is the Destination Address (in hexadecimal)?

b) What is the length of the data field (in hexadecimal)?

c) What is the length of the data field (in decimal)?
OTA: Please give a full explanation. Thank you.

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First, some intro.
Ethernet traffic is transported in units of a frame, where each frame has a definite beginning and end.

In this model we define:

Preamble Field used for synchronization, 8 Bytes - 64-bits

Destination Address Ethernet address of the destination host, 6-Bytes, 48-bits

Source Address Ethernet address of the source host, 6-Bytes, 48-bits

Type Type of data encapsulated, e.g. ...

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Destination address and Data Field are highlighted.

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