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    Please help with the following problem. IN visual studio 05 ONLY. Please see attachment as it needs to be part of the project!.

    Create a database with a table called "tblStudents" and "tblLogin." This table should have the following columns.

    StudentID -Text (Primary Key.)
    LastName - Text.
    TelephoneNumber - Text.
    Level (e.g. "sophomore," "junior," etc.)

    The table, tblLogin, should have the following columns -

    ID - Autonumber (Primary Key.)
    UserName - Text (set it to a unique value.)
    Password - Text.
    Add several records to this table.

    Use Visual Studio.NET 2005 to create an ASP.NET with three aspx forms.

    The first form is a login page that contains a Login control. Users cannot view the other forms until they have successfully logged onto the application.
    The second form contains a GridView control, The GridView control will allow the user to
    -view the entries in the database table

    -update the telephone number column.

    The last form contains three textboxes labeled "StudentID," "Last Name," and "Telephone Number" and a drop down menu with the entries, "Freshman," "Sophomore," "Junior," and "Senior," and a Label control. When the user presses the button, their entry is added to the database.
    Use a RegularExpressionValidator control to confirm that the user has entered a properly formatted telephone number. Use RequiredFieldValidator controls to determine if the user entered a string in the other textboxes. Use Try...Catch to display an error message in the Label control if the user tries to enter a student ID that is already stored in the database.

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