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    SQL Queries - Strings and Dates

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    I created a guitar database. I am having difficulties running several query's I don't fully understand. I have attached my database, as well as a file showing what queries I am having trouble with.

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    Dear student, please find attached a file with SQL queries per your lab assignment document. I had no problem running your existing script to create the database and populate sample data. Below are sample results from execution of the queries that I wrote for you:

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    ListPrice DiscountPercent DiscountAmount
    --------------------- --------------------- ---------------------
    699.00 30.00 209.70
    1199.00 30.00 359.70
    2517.00 52.00 1308.84
    489.99 38.00 186.20
    299.00 0.00 0.00
    415.00 39.00 161.85
    799.99 30.00 240.00
    499.99 25.00 125.00
    699.99 ...

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    Sample SQL queries that work with strings and dates. Masking credit card number, formatting dates, adding days to dates.