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    Entity-Relationship Diagrams

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    Why are Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERDs) an important initial stage in developing databases? Who would be the initial parties interacting to develop the ERDs? Have you a personal experience you would like to share with other students regarding ERDs?

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    Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ERD's) are a graphical representation between different entities (things, or objects that have properties, or attributes) and are the starting point for developing and implementing the actual database in whatever software that is intended to be used. Each entity has a name, a unique attribute that works as the primary key (PK), one or two optional foreign keys (FK's) and several other attributes. The entities are linked with each other by arrows (crow's feet) that indicate the cardinality in the relationships between the entities. A ...

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    This solution provides an explanations regarding entity-relationship diagrams.