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    Designing and Populating a Table

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    a. Using the data below, design and populate a table that includes basic training rate information. Designate the "Technical" field type as "Yes/No" (Boolean).

    b. Using the data below, design and populate a course table. Designate the CourseID field as a "Primary Key" and allow your database to automatically generate a value for this field. Designate the "Technical" field type as "Yes/No" (Boolean).

    c. Prepare a query that lists each course name and its cost per day of training.

    d. Prepare a query that lists the cost per student for each class. Assume maximum capacity and that you will schedule two half-day classes on the same day to take full advantage of HOTT's per day pricing schedule.

    Pricing table
    Technical Price per day capacity
    Yes $2,680 15
    No $2,144 30

    Course table

    Course ID Course name Duration Technical
    1 ASP Programming 5 Yes
    2 XML Programming 5 Yes
    3 PHP Programming 4 Yes
    4 Microsoft word-Advanced 0.5 No
    5 Microsoft Excel-Advanced 0.5 No

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