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Data Conversion (8-bits to decimal)

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Q1) Using 5 bits to represent each number, write the representation of 7 and -7 in 1's complement, signed magnitude, and 2's complement integers.

Q2)Write the 6-bit 2's complement representation of -32.

Q3) Convert these decimal numbers to 8-bit 2's complement binary numbers
a. 102 b. 64 c. 33 d. -128 e. 127

Q4)If the last digit of a 2's complement binary number is 0, then the number is even. If the last two digits of a 2's complement binary number are 00 (e.g., the binary number 01100), what does that tell you about the number?

Q5 )without changing their values convert the following 2's complement binary numbers into 8-bit 2's complement numbers.
a. 1010 b. 011001 c. 1111111000 d. 01

Q6) Create table showing the decimal value of all 4-bit 2's complement numbers

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The expert provides data conversion for 8-bits to decimals.

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Question #1
We represent each number with 5 bits.
In one's complement, 7 = 00111, the signed magnitude is 0; -7 = 11000, the signed magnitude is 1.
In two's complement, 7 = 00111; -7 = 11001.

Question #2
To write 6-bit 2's complement representation of -32, we have
32 = 100000
-32 = 011111 + 1 = ...

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