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Combination Boxes in MS Excel

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I'm trying to find a way to build combo box for several tables. In a nutshell, I have three major categories (W. Loaders, T. Loaders, Excavators) and for each one there is a three entries of data for example:

W. Loaders .
Model Capacity Cycle Time
D25D 4 .21
D30D 5 .22
D56D 7 .20
D66D 12 .18
And the same situation for the other two categories. Anyway, I was able to make a combo box for each category but I'm trying to have in cell one the three categories as a list. Once I select the category in cell one the related data will be available in cell 2(Model), 3( Capacity), 4 (Cycle time) for the selected category.

Attached is an example of what I just explained. Please if possible provide the procedures who to solve this.

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Check out the spreadsheet I've attached, particularly Sheet2. Basically you can ...

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The problem ultimately boils down using VLOOKUP() and INDEX() in numerous places in the spreadsheet. The full solution includes such a spreadsheet, with formulas kept inside the spreadsheet so you can review the intermediary steps involved to make this work.

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