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Two Dimensional Array

Write a C++ program that uses a two dimensional array, testgrades[][], for 10 students and scores from 5 tests.

 Write a function initializeArray(), which will initialize the array to the following values
o 1,75,65,85,90,60
o 2,70,85,90,60,70
o 3,65,68,73,83,95
o 4,86,92,73,89,64
o 5,78,89,72,63,97
o 6,65,93,83,87,79
o 7,78,82,89,77,82
o 8,63,82,95,99,77
o 9,83,91,69,74,88
o 10,75,83,96,92,88
 Write a value-returning function arrayMaximum() which will return the maximum score for the class
 Write a value-returning function arrayMinimum() which will return the minimum score for the class
 Write a value-returning function, arrayRange(), which will print the range of score values for the class
 Write a function, computeAverage(), which will compute the average for each student and also computer the average for the entire class
 Write a function, frequencyChart(), which will print the frequency of the occurrence of the scores
 Also, print the Student ID's of students whose average is above the average

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The attached cpp file contains a code that performs all the tasks requested in 1.doc

There are usually a very large number of different implementations that can produce the same results.
As there are no specifications on particulars of implementation in this posting, I made all as simple as I could think of at ...

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