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C++ program to determine if 3 numbers form a triangle

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Write a C++ program that reads in three integers representing line lengths, and determines if the three line segments form a right triangle. If it is not a right triangle, is it a valid triangle. Allow the three numbers to be input in any order. An input number 'n' will be in the range [1,5000]. The program should read the data from a file called triangleFile.dat and then write the results into an output file.

Attached Word document (named as TriangleFile.dat) contains following test data.

3 4 5
55 25 25
20 48 52
123 345 299
2002 4001 1050
441 588 735
4999 4999 4999
648 702 270
100 200 500
88 50 60
72 120 48
75 60 45
1000 50 1100

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Solution Summary

The implementation assumes fair and valid input, that is, input numbers are positive integers and the count of numbers in input file is a multiple of 3.

Solution Preview

Please find attached an implementation (371105.cpp) that reads the number triplets from input file "triangleFile.dat" and writes the ...

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