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Password Verification Program in C++

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Imagine you are developing a software package that requires user to enter their own passwords. Your software requires that user passwords meet the following criteria:
. The password should be at least six characters long.
. The password should contain at least one uppercase and at least one lowercase letter.
. The password should have at least one digit.

Write a C++ program that asks for a password and then verifies that it meets the stated criteria. If it does not, the program should display a message telling the user why.

Example of it should be:

Atleast 6 characters long
At least one uppercase characters
At least one lowercase letter
At least one numeric digit
Enter a password

And if is correct it should say: the password is valid.
And is not correct it should say: the password is not valid.

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Please find attached 583513.cpp containing a sample implementation of password verification as per required criteria. Please adjust various messages text as per your ...

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Attached implementation abstracts password verification process in a separate function verify_password, and also implements a function flush to purge input steam of any remaining characters, like newline, left after reading the password from user.