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Enhanced Security Features

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Secure Web sites often include 'enhanced security questions' or 'security images' in an attempt to assure that only authorized users can access the sites. Research and discuss the effectiveness of these security features.

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The solution discusses the enhanced security features.

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Security questions and security images are widely used now-a-days as part of enhanced security features. These security features are mostly used to authenticate one's credentials; for accessing account, or creating an account for the very first time. These features provide additional security on top of basic account credentials including username and password and in some cases date of birth, identify number or email address.

Security questions:

It is an authentication method employed to provide an additional security layer. The security questions are a form of shared content [1]. Security questions are mostly used at the time of account creation. They are widely used as a form of self-service password reset i.e. in order to retrieve or reset ones password.

There are many questions which can be used as a secret question. The point of all these questions is the same: a backup password. If one forgets his/her password, the secret security question can be used a backup to recover the password. It verifies one's identity so he/she can choose another password or have the site e-mail one's current password. These questions can be easy to remember than some random password. For example, it is less likely to forget one's pet's name than some random generated password. However, it could be not secure as a password. It is most likely that the answer to the secret security question is easier to guess than a strong password. ...

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