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C++ big O notation

What does "n" represent in relation to big O notation? In other words, what does it mean? Like in O(n). I need a definition of what n is in words.

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Big O notation is used throughout computer science to show how algorithms behave as their inputs grow larger. It is not specific to C++; it is useful in all programming languages and in theoretical computer science.

The idea is to summarize how many steps an algorithm takes to run. But instead of just saying a number like 1,000, big O notation gives the answer as a function, for example O(n^2). Here, "n" is the size of the input to the algorithm and the algorithm takes approximately n^2 steps to run. This is much more useful than just having a single data point, such as "when the input has size 30, the algorithm takes 900 steps to run." We'd much rather have a function giving the number steps of running time for every possible input size.

For example, take ...

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The solution discusses and defines what the "n" represents in relation to the big O notation.