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    Migration to a New System

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    Sky View Aerial Photography offers a wide range of aerial photographic, video, and infrared imaging services. The company has grown from its early days of snapping pictures of client houses to its current status as a full-service aerial image specialist. Sky View now maintains numerous contracts with various governmental agencies for aerial mapping and surveying work. Sky View has its offices at the airport where its fleet of specially equipped aircraft arehangared. Sky View contracts with several freelance pilots and photographers for some of its aerial work and also employs several full-time pilots and photographers. The owners of Sky View Aerial Photography recently contracted with a systems development consulting firm to develop a new information system for the business. As the number of contracts, aircraft flights, pilots, and photographers increased, the company experienced difficulty keeping accurate records of its business activity and the utilization of its fleet of aircraft. The new system will require all pilots and photographers to swipe an ID badge through a reader at the beginning and conclusion of each photo flight, along with recording information about the aircraft used and the client served on that flight. These records would be reconciled against the actual aircraft utilization logs maintained and recorded by the hangar personnel. The office staff was eagerly awaiting the installation of the new system. Their general attitude was that the system would reduce the number of problems and errors that they encountered and would make their work easier. The pilots, photographers, and hangar staff were less enthusiastic, being unaccustomed to having their activities monitored in this way.

    a. Discuss the factors that may inhibit the acceptance of this new system by the pilots, photographers, and hangar staff.

    b. Discuss how an informational strategy could be used to motivate adoption of the new system at Sky View Aerial Photography.

    c. Discuss how a political strategy could be used to motivate adoption of the new system at Sky View Aerial Photography.

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    a) Numerous factors may inhibit the acceptance of this new system among the pilots, photographers and hangar staff. First of all, lack of appropriate information about the benefits and usage of the new system and lack of training about the process to handle the new system can create concerns and apprehensions in the minds of these personnel. Further, the new system would closely monitor their activity and thus, fear about invasion of privacy could also result in resistance. Also, people who are not engaging in fraudulent activity would also resist ...

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    This solution of 309 words discusses causes of resistance among employees to migrate to the new system and appropriate strategies that can be pursued to implement the desired change.