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People management and team organization

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Discuss the pros and cons of an organization in which the primary departmentalization is vertical (i.e. by specialty, such as databases, human computer interfaces, or graphics programming) as opposed to one in which the primary departmentalization is horizontal (for example, design, implementation, and testing).


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Departmentalization in an organization is the division of human resources into categorized groups such that performance may be most efficient and effective. The dimensional division can be vertical i.e. by work skills and expertise (such as database, HCI, programming) or horizontal i.e. by process or phase as in a system development life cycle (design, implementation, testing, etc.) Each one has its own pros and cons.

In a vertical departmentalization each person has specialized skills and they are grouped together to narrow their focal point into their speciality. People with common skills and tasks are put in a common pool and assigned duties accordingly. In a horizontal division, the objective is to group people for the purposes of a common ...

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Discussion on people management, team organization, and the pros and cons of departmentalization (horizontal versus vertical) in an organization.

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