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    Range Selection of Unsorted Array

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    Write a method findRanks in Java that accepts an unsorted array of integers vals, and a starting and ending rank start and end, numbering ranks from 0, and returns an unsorted (any order is acceptable) array containing the lo-th through the hi-th elements, inclusive, of vals.

    int[] findRanks(int[] vals, int lo, int hi)

    For instance, if vals contains 10 elements as shown:

    4 2 9 11 9 19 21 14 16 8

    then the call findRanks(vals, 2, 5) will return an array containing the 3rd (remember we number from 0) through 6th items in vals (e.g. 8 9 11 9).

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    The range selection of unsorted arrays are determined. A method to write a findRanks in Java for an unsorted array are determined.