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    Top Down, Stepwise refinement

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    Using top-down, stepwise refinement, create an algorithm for making toast, frying eggs, baking a cake, or ordering pizza. How might algorithms be beneficial in your future profession?

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    Algorithms are absolutely vital for computer support because the variety of problems a customer can encounter is vast, and therefore the diagnostics must be done in a systematic way by a top-down, stepwise refinement.
    A technician starts from identifying a most general area of the problem and then asks more and more specific questions to incrementally localize the problem to maximal possible certainly and only then proposes a remedy.

    There are various customs for writing algorithms.
    One of the most frequent ones is the pseudo-code and so I use it here, in a 3-level scheme


    Level 0 (Top)
    Come home from work/studies.

    Am I hungry?
    No --> Check health
    Yes --> See what food is available and decide what I want

    End of Level 0

    Level 1
    See what food is available and ...

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    Top Down, Stepwise refinement is depicted.