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Sliding Window Protocol

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A data link layer runs a sliding window protocol. A transmits using a sending window size of 6 and B receives using a receiving window size of 1. We assume that A always has traffic to send and that B sends Acks only. The channel delay is large enough that A transmits 6 frames before receiving any acknowledgements from B. A begins transmitting with sequence number 0 using a 3-bit sequence number. Suppose that the frame with sequence number 4 is lost once and no other errors occur. Write down (in order) the sequence numbers of all frames that A transmits until B successfully receives the 10th frame that it passes to the network layer. Please explain all work.

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Sliding Window Protocol is explained.

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The sender sends 6 frames (seq nos. 0-5).

Sender successfully recieves the acknowledgement of frame 1 (seq. no. 0) and sends 7th frame (seq. no. ...

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