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Process Action Code

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Within the zip folder you'll find a line in the "Process Action" section of code (Look near the very bottom)
the line reads something like:


this needs to be changed to:

1) before displaying the results, add a question at the end of the string (strDisplayResult) that reads "Do you wish to quit?"

2) Put a title on the messagebox

3) Add Yes/No Buttons to the messagebox, and make "No" the default button. (Might take a little experimenting. I'll give you a hint: Yes is default button 1, so No would be...)

4) Okay, now display the result string and retrieve the button pushed by the user.
(btn = Msgbox( {whatever goes inside} )

5) If the user pressed "Yes", then End the program,
If btn = {yes button} then

That should do it! Zip it up with the same folder name

Thank you

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The process action codes are determined.

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