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Code of Ethics of a Software Engineer

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What is the Code of Ethics a Software Engineer should follow?"

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Code of Ethics for the field of: Software Engineer
Assume you are a professional working in your chosen field. Use the table to note:
1. Note whether your field requires degrees, topic-specific exams, certification, adherence to codes of ethics, and practical experience such as internships/apprenticeships.
2. Describe at least 10 specific actions you can take to reduce the impact of problems related to information technology in your field.
o Note which clauses in the Software Engineering Code of Ethics each action refers to.
o Note where Whistle blowing may come into play and what the consequences might be based on the industry, culture, and US laws.
o Note if problems are moral issues; where judgment is needed to detect when a moral problem has arisen.
 What virtues come into play to help make decisions?
 Use the Alternative list of Fundamental Principles on page 414 (4th ed) to help you make decisions.
Requirements (degree, exams, cert, code of ethics, practical experience) Bachelors Degree but preferably Masters Degree + ACP and/or IEEE code of ethics knowledge.
Problem/action 1 Problem: A fellow employee who is a software developer and a very good friend is stealing code templates and you are aware of this problem.
Action: As a professional Software Engineer I will do the right thing; that is to inform my manager about the issue. Clause: Maintain your integrity

Code: 2.09 Promote no interest adverse to their employer or client, unless a higher ethical concern is being compromised; in that case, inform the employer or another appropriate authority of the ethical concern.
Problem/action 2 Problem: The employer provides a facility to all employees with a satisfactory performance rating to work from home one day in a week. However there's a new employee without any performance rating as yet and is using this facility with the managers' approval. In the IT department the flexibility to work from home one day is quite productive ...

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