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    Volume of Water and Body Density

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    50 kg person is immersed in a water tank for body fat testing, she has an underwater mass of 2kg. This difference in body mass is equal to the mass of water displaced by the body. The density of water 1.00g/ml.

    a) what is the volume of the water displaced?
    b) what is the volume in liter, of the person's body?
    c) what is the body density, in g/mL of the person?

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    The guidance is given in the question which is always nice. The difference in mass is 50 kg (weight on land) - 2kg (weight in water) = 48 kg. This weight (48kg) is equal to the weight of water displaced by the person.

    a) what is the volume of ...

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    The solution determines the volume of water and body density of a person.