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    Stoichiometry problem to find number of moles

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    A mixture 20.2g of P and 78.2g of Cl2 reacts completely to form PCl3 and PCl5 as the only products. Find mass of PCl3 formed?

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    moles P = mass / atomic mass = 20.2 g(1 mole)/(30.974 g) = 0.652 mole P
    moles Cl2 = mass / molar mass = 78.2 g(1 mole)/(70.906 g) = 1.103 mole Cl2

    the following reactions will take place:
    2 P + 3 Cl2 --> 2 PCl3 and PCl3 + Cl2 --> PCl5

    The reaction should first produce PCl3 then the excess Cl2 will allow production of PCl5. We will ...

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