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    Solubility of compounds in aqueous solutions, Ksp, moles

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    A saturated solution contains 54.5 g Cs2SO4 in 30.0 mL of water at 25 C. What is the solubility in g solute/(100g) H2O? Calculate the mole fraction of solute at this temperature.

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    Since the solution is saturated we can safely assume that this amount is the maximum that can be dissolved in that amount of water. Thus we can use these amounts to calculate the solubility of Cs2SO4 in water.

    Since we have 30mL we can use the density of water which is 1g/mL to convert the volume of water to mass... and so 30mL of water would equal 30g of water

    Since the solubility ...

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    The solubility of compounds in aqueous solutions, Ksp, moles and mole fractions are examined. The mole fraction of solute at this temperature calculated.