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Predicting and Identifying Chemical Reactions

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Which chemicals will react together? Identify them based on reactions when the solutions are mixed. The solutions are:

- BaCl2
- Na2CO3
- Kl
- Na2SO4
- H2SO4
- Na2SO3
- NaCl
- AgNO3
- HCl

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This solution provides a step-by-step guide on how to approach this question, without giving the full answer. The steps are quite detailed and also include hints and examples, which will gear students in the right direction to achieving the answer. This solution, which follows six outlined steps, provides enough information to identify the list of chemicals provided in terms of the reactions they produce when mixed.

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This is a straightforward problem based on the relative solubility of compounds.
1) First, you have to identify the ions that are formed in each of the nine solutions. For example, BaCl2 dissolves to give Ba2+ and 2Cl- ons.
Repeat this process for the other eight solutions.

2) List all the positive ions in one column (Hint there should be 5) and all the negative ions in another column (How many are there?)

3) Now by combining each of the positive ions with each of the negative ions, you have all the possible reactions. ...

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