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    Percentage AL and NH4AL(SO4)2 a Sample Before Filtering

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    The aluminum in a 1.200-g sample of impure ammonium aluminum sulfate was precipitated with aqueous ammonia as Al2O3*H20. The precipitate was filtered and ignited at 1000 degrees C to give anhydrous Al2O3, which had a mass of 0.1798g.

    a) What is the percentage of Al in the original sample?
    b) What is the percentage of NH4Al(SO4)2 in the original sample?

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    2NH4Al(SO4)2 = 2NH3 +Al2O3.H2O + 4SO2 + 2O2

    Atomic mass of
    Al = 27
    S = 32
    H = 1
    O = 16
    N = 14
    Molecular mass of
    NH4Al(SO4)2 = 14 +4 +27 ...

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    The solution lays out all calculations necessary to find the percentage of aluminum and ammonium aluminum sulfate in a sample before being filtered and ignited when given the conditions of the reaction and the products.