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Molarity of a HCl Solution

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Calculate the molarity of a solution prepared by dissolving 3.12 grams of gaseous HCL in enough water to make 26.8 mL solutions.

a. 1.6 M HCL
b. 0.8 M HCL
c. 3.2M HCL
d. 5.4 M HCL

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Brief calculations to find the correct of 4 options.

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Calculate the molarity and pH of the solution

Mass of solute is given followed by the total volume of solution prepared. Calculate the molarity.
a. 1.37 g of NaOH; 125 ml
b. 4.29 g of Kl; 250. ml
c. 2.95 mg of Pb(NO3)2; 4.95 ml
d. 0.997 kg of NaNO3; 125 L

What mass of the indicated solute does each of the following solutions contain.
a. 2.50 L of 13.1 M HCl solution
b. 15.6 mL of 0.155 M NaOH solution
c. 135 mL of 2.01 M HNO3 solution
d. 4.21 L of 0.515 M CaCl2 solution

Calculate new molarity results when each of the following solutions is diluted to a final total volume of 1.00 L.
a. 425 mL of 0.105 M HCl
b. 10.5 mL of 12.1 M HCl
c. 25.2 mL of 14.9 M HNO3
d. 6.25 mL of 18.0 M H2SO4

Calculate the percent by mass of solute in each of the solutions
a. 5.15 g of ammonium chloride dissolved in 39.2 g of water

Calculate the mass in grams of the solute
a. 225 mg of 2.91% ammonium nitrate solution
b. 100. g of 4.95% potassium bromide solution

The pH corresponding to each of the hydrogen ion concentration given below and indicate whether each solution is acidic or basic.
a. [H+] = 5.21 x 10^-2M
b. [H+] = 6.99 x 10^-12M
c. [H+] = 4.13 x 10^-7M
d. [H+] = 9.97 x 10^-10M

The hydrogen ion concentration in moles per liter, for the solution with each of the following pH values.
a. pH = 9.01
b. pH = 6.89
c. pH = 1.02
d. pH = 7.00

The pH of each of the following solutions from the information given.
a. [H+] = 4.78 x 10^-2M
b. pOH = 4.56
c. [OH-] = 9.74 x 10^-3M
d. [H+] = 1.24 x 10^-8M

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