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    Molality of a Final Solution and Electron Configuration

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    1. What is the molality of the final solution when 10.0g of sucrose(C12H22O11) is dissolved in water to form 1.50kg of solution? Use 3 sig figs

    2. What is the chemical formula of titanium(IV) chloride?

    3. How man grams of K2SO4 are contained in 200ml of a 0.100M K2SO4 solution? Use 3 sig figs

    4. Write the electron configuration of arsenic.

    5. What is the electron configuration of an Ag+ ion?

    6. Write the chemical equation for the reaction of magnesium with water.

    7. What is the molecular geometry of the phosphate ion?

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    10/342.3 (molar mass of sucrose) = 0.029 moles in 1.5 Kg
    Molality = mole/kg = 0.019 ...

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    The molality of a final solution and electron configuration are determined.