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Ksp and Normality

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Question #1

A student carries out a reaction in which the ion MnO4^- is reduced to MnO2. The student uses a 0.60 M KMnO4 solution. Find the normality of this solution. Explain the calculation.

Question #2

If 200mL of .300M Cr(NO3)3 (aq) is added to 100 ml of 4.0 x 10 ^-4 M NaF(aq) at 25 degrees Celsius will CrF3 precipitate? For CrF3 in water at 25 degrees Celsius Ksp = 6.6 x 10^-11.

Question #3

In an unsaturated BaSo4 (aq) solution, is the ion product [Ba^2+][SO4^2+] less than equal to or greater than Ksp?

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Solution Summary

The normality of a permanganate solution is calculated. Also included are two problems based on Ksp.

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Q1: As Mn(VII) is reduced to Mn(IV), 3 electrons are involved. Hence equivalent weight = formula weight / 3 = 158/3 = 52.67
0.6M solution contains 0.6 mol in ...

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