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    Calculate the concentration of ions following saturated solutions

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    Calculate the concentration of ions in the following solutions

    (a) [I] in AgI in AgI solution with [Ag+] = 9.6E-9 M Ksp=8.3E-17
    (b) [Al3+] in Al(OH)3 solution with [OH-] = 3.8E-9 M Ksp=1.8E-25

    I got the first one and it is correct:
    AgI-------------->Ag + I
    I 9.6E-9 0
    C -s +s +s
    E -s 9.6E-9+s +s w/9.6E-9+s approx. = to 9.6E-9
    8.3E-17 = (9.6E-9)(s)

    I did the second one (b) exactly the same way and the program is saying off by order of magnitude, I got 4.7E-25
    This is how I sat it up
    Al(OH)3----------------->Al3+ + OH-
    I 3.8E-9
    C +s 3.8E-9+s
    E -s s approx. 3.8E-9

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Well, first thing I noticed was that your Ksp doesn't match what I looked up in a general chemistry text. I believe the Ksp of Al(OH)3 should be ...

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