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    Gases and Volumes at STP

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    Hey. I am unsure of how to answer this question:

    Many gases are shipped on high-pressure containers. Consider a steel tank whose volume is 65.0 L and which contains 02 gas at a pressure of 16 500 kPa at 23 * C.

    a) What mass of O2 does the tank contain?
    b) What volume would the gas occupy at STP?
    c) At what temperature would the pressure in the tank equal 150.0 atm?
    d) What would be the pressure of the gas, in kPA, if it were transferred to a container at 24 * C whose volume was 55.0 L?

    (NOTE: * C is degrees Celsius)

    Could you please show work? And no powerpoints please.

    Thank you!

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    (a) n = PV/RT = (16500 * 10^3 * 65 * 10^-3) / (8.3145 * 296.15) = 435.56 mol

    Mass of O2 = 435.56 * molar mass = 435.56 * 16 g/mol = 6969 g = 7 kg

    (b) P1 = 16500 ...

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