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Determining Density from Volume

I have a 40 lb container that measures 14x20x30 and need to find the density. I also have another 40 lb container that has a volume of 1.9 gal. How do you find the density for both to see which one is lighter?

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Density is a measurement that combines two other measurements: mass and volume. Specifically, density is defined as the mass divided by the volume. We can abbreviate it like this:

d = m/v where d is the density, m is the mass, and v is the volume.

Therefore, for the first container, we have a 40 lb container that measures 14x20x30. We want to know its density. We need to know its mass which is 40 pounds, and we need to determine its volume. ...

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This solution defines the concepts of density and calculates the density of both containers to compare which one is lighter. Calculations are shown in a stepwise clear manner.