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    Determining flow rates- volumetric versus mass flow rates

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    A flow meter reads 10 liters per minute. The flow is comprised of a 7% solution of water and Chemical A.

    The % solution is known by Wgt Chemical A/Wgt Chemical A + Wgt of Water

    Chemical A has a given specific gravity of 2.8 as compared to water...the MW of Chemical A is given as 435 g/mol

    Therefore, for every 1 liter per minute of volume flow:

    1) What is the mass of Chemical A in that 1 liter
    2) What is the mass of water in that 1 liter
    3) What is the density of the combined solution of water and Chemical A

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    We start with the ratio of weights:
    Where is the weight of the substance, is the weight of water and q is the concentration (in our case, q=0.07)
    Next, we have the relations between the specific gravities of the chemical to water:
    In our case, p=2.8
    The relation between mass (W) density () ...

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    Volumetric versus mass flow rates are analyzed for 1 liter per minute of volume flow. The mass of chemical A and the mass of the water is determined.