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    Volumetric Flow Rate

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    Air enters a 0.6 m diameter fan at 16 deg C, 101 kPa, and is discharged at 18 deg C, 105 kPa, with a volumetric flow rate of 0.35 m^3/s. Assuming ideal gas behavior, how do I determine for steady-state operation, the mass flow rate of air, in kg/s? How do I figure the volumetric flow rate at the inlet, in m^3/s and the inlet velocity of air, in m/s??

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    In general, when we talk about volumetric flow rate, we need to know under which conditions the fluid is flowing. That's why in most of cases, the volumetric flow rates are measured in Nm^3/s or Nm^3/min, where "N" means "normal conditions" (standard).
    Since in our problem we don't deal with Nm^3/s, one assume that the flow rate is considered ...

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