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Density and volume calculations.

1. Describe two different ways by which you could measure the volume of a small cube.

2. Which is more dense, lead or brass?

3. If the value occupied by a liquid 48mL and the density if 1.2g/mL, what is the mass of the liquid?

4. A recycling plant has chips of hight density poly(ethylene) (HDPE, d=0.92g.mL) used for plastic bottles and poly(vinylchloride) (PVC, d=1.406g/mL) used for plumbing and house siding. The chips of these two plastics were inadvertently mixed and it is your job to separate them. How would you do this?

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1. You could measure the height, depth, and width of the cube, and multiply. Or, you could immerse the cube into water in a volumetric glassware. Because we know that water displaces 1 cubic centimeter for every 1 ...

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Two different ways to measure the volume of a small cube. Density and volume calculations.