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    Calculating Concentration in a Solution

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    A student pipets 20.00mL of 0.030M Na2SO3 soln. into a large beaker. To this same beaker the student adds 30.00 mL of 0.020M KIO3 soln. and 50.00 mL of distilled water. The student mixes it thoroughly with a stir rod.
    Calculate the concentration of Na2SO3 and KIO3 in the new solution but before the reaction occurs.

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    The atomic weights of Na2SO3 and KIO3.

    Na2SO3= (23*2+32+16*3)= 126 grams/mole
    KIO3=(40+127+16*3)=215 grams/mole

    Next find weights of each solute from the given Molarities:

    Molarity = Moles of solute/Liter of ...

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